Deathwatch Jericho Reach

The Warp

Fifth Play Session

The Space Hulk rumbles to life and takes us into the Warp. Davian checks the ship’s console and sees that the ship is mostly empty, and our Geller fields are holding. We decide to head to the armory to look for any extra munitions. On the way there, we hear warriors in the vents, and Elyias senses 4 ahead with 4 in the vents. Arxio shoots at the group of warriors ahead, and the ones in the vents pop down behind us. Smite takes out the rear group, but the front group gets some hits on Davian and Arxio. Davian full auto shreds one of the warriors with the last bullet bursting his head.

We reload/rearm at the armory, then head over to the escape pods that Elyias memorized the location of. As we get there, the hulk drops out of the Warp. We get into one of the working pods, and Camrone takes a seat as the pilot. We start up the shuttle and see that we are over a planet. We’re immediately contacted by an Imperial Agent on the planet, who commands us to identify ourselves, which we do.

The agent tells it’s M998, and we came from M995 (year). We’ve travelled three years into the future, and come out above Armageddon Prime. We tell him we’re members of the Inquisition, and are immediately escorted down to the planet surface. On planet we encounter Inquisitor Legia when they send for confirmation of when we are, who reacts as though she’s seen ghosts.



Dat ring!

The Warp

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