One century stud, sharp gaze with an unassuming voice. BALD AS FUCK. Scholarly but with leadership qualities, he desires knowledge and is passionate about it. He hates betrayers of his chapter.


Intimidate: 400
Deceive: 400
Inquiry: 800
Scrutiny: 400
Tracking: 400
Slight of Hand: 400
Lore: Forbidden (Daemonology): 400
Lore: Forbidden (Psykers): 400


22/22 wounds.


  • Willpower, 58, Intermediate;
  • Psy Rating: 4

Fate: 3 total, 2 unused

Corruption: 30; Insanity: 3

Rank: 2, Renown: Respected (20)

XP Unused: 850

XP Total: 18,250


Demolition Charges – 10 – A demolition charge is a simple explosive device, commonly used for blowing open doors, breaching bulkheads, and destroying infrastructure. The listed weight for a demolition charge represents 1 kg of explosives, though it is possible to rig charges together, thus increasing their destructive potential. When a demolition charge explodes, anyone (or anything) caught within its blast radius takes 3d10 Explosive Damage plus an additional 2 points of Damage for every kilogram used. The blast radius of the charge is 3 metres for each kilogram used.

Stummer – 5 – A character carrying an active stummer gains a +30 to Silent Move Tests. The device may also be used as a countermeasure against vox-bugs and other surveillance attempts. A stummer typically has enough power for 20 minutes of continuous use before needing to be recharged, a process that takes about 1 hour.

Silencer on sniper – 3 – Silencers lower the noise from a weapon’s discharge, preventing detection of the shot. Awareness Tests to hear shots made with a silenced weapon suffer an additional –20 penalty and can only be attempted at half the normal distance.

Astartes Sniper Rifle – Free – Basic, 200m, S/–/–, 1d10, R, 0 Pen, 6 clip, 2 Full reload, (Accurate, Felling (1), Toxic)

  • +10 to the firer’s Ballistic Skill when used with an Aim Action if such an attack also uses the Aim action, it gains an extra 1d10 of damage for every two degrees of success to a maximum of two extra d10. Aiming as a Half Action grants a +10 bonus to the character’s next attack.
  • If the weapon hits, it ignores1 level of Unnatural Toughness possessed by the target.
  • Some weapons rely on toxins and poisons to do their damage. Anyone that takes Damage from a Toxic weapon after reduction for Armour and Toughness Bonus must make a Toughness Test with a –5 Penalty for every Point of Damage suffered. Success indicates no further effect from the weapon. Failure, however, deals an immediate 1d10 points of Impact Damage to the target with no reduction from Armour or Toughness Bonus.

The needle rifle offers the perfect combination of range, stealth, and deadliness. A low-power laser beam propels small slivers of crystallised toxin that, once lodged in flesh, dissolve into the bloodstream almost instantly. Many chemicals can be solidified into such rounds with the right equipment, and a variety are in use by the Deathwatch. The most common compound (and the standard ammunition for this weapon) is a viral toxin that leaves most enemies dead within moments of being wounded. As they have no muzzle flash, needle weapons are ideal for assassinations. The only argument against these exquisite weapons is that the brittle rounds have little penetrating power, making them next to useless against heavily armoured targets.

Psy Powers

Mind Scan

The psyker extends his mind to contact and identify other sentient minds within range, even if they are out of sight, enabling him to garner impressions and information about the consciousnesses. The level of information gathered depends on PR as detailed on Table 6–5: Mind Scan.
Untouchables and other psychically inert creatures are invisible to Mind Scan. Individuals with psychic resistance or similar protections may also be hidden (the GM may make secret Opposed Willpower tests against the psyker to see if they remain hidden from him).
PR 1-2 General number of minds, orientation to me.
PR 3-4 As above, plus the psyker knows the number, general location, and relative ‘strength’ of conscious minds within range of the power, and can determine if these minds have any psychic ability.


Action: Half
Opposed: No
Range: 5 metre radius x PR
Sustained: Yes
Description: The psyker can bolster his comrades by sending out waves of reassurance and calm. A number of targets equal to the psyker’s PR immediately overcome the effects of Pinning and gain a +10 resistance against . This effect lasts as long as the targets stay within range of the psyker, and the psyker maintains the power.

Mask of Shadows

Action: Half or Reaction
Opposed: No
Range: Self
Sustained: Yes
Description: Covering his thoughts in darkness, the Librarian hides his mind from sight, confounding the efforts of enemy psykers or fearsome foes to psychically engage him. While this power is in effect, the Librarian is immune to the effects of all powers unless created by a psyker with a Willpower greater than his own. In addition, the psyker suffers no ill effects to Cohesion or Willpower as a result of .


Action: Full
Opposed: No
Range: 5 metres x PR
Sustained: Yes
Description: Diviners can read a person’s aura, the unconscious projection of his being in to the Warp. This is a very pale shadow, unnoticed by most beings, but a diviner can study this aura to learn about the person. When the psyker activates divination, he can attempt to read the aura of any person he can see. The level of information he gains depends on the PR at which he manifests the power as detailed on Table 6–11: Reading.
A psyker can only maintain this power on one target. If he wishes to divine the well-being of a different person, he must activate the power again.
Table 6–11: Reading
PR Results
1–3 The psyker gains superficial impressions about the target person. This includes the three strongest emotions that the subject is currently experiencing, his race, whether or not he has any psychic powers, and a rough idea of his state of mental and physical well- being. Lastly, the psyker determines whether the target is an Untouchable.
4–5 As above, plus the psyker gets a deeper insight into all of the target’s feelings, and gains 10 to all Fellowship Tests he makes against the target while Reading is active. The psyker also gets a better idea about the target’s physical state, including his current Wounds and levels. Finally, if the target has psychic abilities, the psyker can sense his power and find out his Psy Rating.
6–7 As all of the above, plus the psyker determines how many Insanity points the target has, as well as which addictions or madness he might be suffering from. If the target has psychic abilities, the psyker determines which discipline(s) he possesses.
* As all of the above, plus the psyker determines how many Corruption points the target has. Also, the psyker can determine if the aura is genuine, or has been produced by some other means.

True Strike

Action: Half
Opposed: No
Range: Self
Sustained: No
Description: Deadly against those with the psychic gift, the effects of a True Strike can smash an enemy psyker’s mind to pieces. If the Librarian performs a melee attack against a psyker (an individual Psy Rating of at least 1) within 1 Round x PR of activating the power, a successful attack will inflict an additional 2 points of damage x PR which cannot be reduced by armour or Toughness. In addition, an individual suffering damage from this power must make a Hard (–20) Willpower Test or lose access to his Psychic Powers for 1 Round.
This power has no additional effects on individuals without a Psy Rating of at least 1.


Action: Half
Opposed: No
Range: 10m x PR
Sustained: No
Description: The Librarian conjurers up lethal bolts of lightning that leap from his hands to burn and blast his enemies into ash. must be targeted at a single creature. However, it may effect others nearby depending on its power. The Librarian does not need to make a BS test to hit the target. However, his Focus Power Test is modified as if he was making a ranged attack (using bonuses and penalties for range, lighting, enemy talents, etc.). deals 1d10 Energy Damage x PR with a Penetration equal to his PR. Any creatures within 1 metre x PR of the target will also be affected by .

Talents & Skills

Signature Wargear (Astartes Sniper Rifle)


Total Recall

Mental conditioning or augmentation enables the character to record and recall great amounts of information, effectively granting him a perfect memory.


Astartes Weapon Specialization: Astartes Sniper Rifle

Warp Sense

The character’s senses have evolved to perceive the warp in parallel with the physical world, though it requires some concentration to do so. After gaining this Talent, using the Psyniscience Skill requires a Half Action instead of a Full Action.




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