Deathwatch Jericho Reach

Space Hulk

Fourth Play Session


After reporting back to the Inquisitor’s ship, we’re assigned to investigate the Space Hulk that the Tau were investigating that ended up with them here. They are sending us to investigate the same thing, but haven’t told us specifically why. We’re bringing a Tactical Marine name Damian with.

The first thing we encounter on the Space Hulk is a group of Tyranid. A grenade from Gulliver and a cleave or two from Camerone followed by a Smite from Elyias makes quick work of them. After progressing up the ship a bit towards the command center, a group of Genestealers attacks. We defeat them, with several close dodges of the Genestealer’s claws on Gulliver. We make it to the command center without anymore surprises, and are told that we need to collect the data core of the ship. Our loaner Tactical Marine starts trying to get a hold of that data, while another group of Tyranids attack. We fend off the group, but can hear something big incoming. The big thing is a Hive Tyrant. It’s quite upset.


He is defeated, but only after a lengthy battle that ends with Gulliver in critical condition. The hulk shudders as it prepares to jump into the warp, as the playtest ends.



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