Deathwatch Jericho Reach

Continuing Jericho Reach

Second Play Session

After getting back to town, we’re told that the large thing in the fight was a Kroot Shaper. This is apparently Tau, and we’re across the galaxy from the Tau. We given the option to go after the Tau immediately or wait until tomorrow. We’re going tomorrow (against Arixio’s wishes), so that we can have more backup and hopefully catch the kroot off guard. Re-requisition with +10 req points.

Most of us go to talk to someone who has more information about the Tau, but Gulliver goes with Arkyios to drink (where he is challenged to a drinking game). Informant hasn’t shown up to the meeting place. Child bursts into the meeting place covered in blood, who says the household was attacked and the farmer was killed. He gives descriptions of non-Kroot attackers (smooth armor, red eyes still). We decide to go out after the attackers immediately (17 including our 6). We see 12 figures chanting at the farm, and sense something floating behind us. Elysias fails a pushed Smite and gets shocked by the warp.

We defeated a Tau horde. Interrogating their commander we found they were just defending themselves after being chased through a Warp gate by Necrons.



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