Deathwatch Jericho Reach


6th Play Session

We landed on Armageddon, and are told by Legias to kill a nearby Ork warlord who has been raiding with air vehicles. We pick up an Emperor’s Champion and his retinue before heading off to the north.


On our way to the Ork camp we are attacked by a group of Ork bikerz at a river we stopped at for the guardsmen in the retinue to get water. Camrone defeats the leader in single combat, and Elysias smites the river, disabling all of the Ork’s bikes.


We defeat all the orks, and Elysias moves up to the forest ahead to scout with his stummer turned on. He notices rustling in the trees and spots a Gretchin in the trees, then noticing that the forest is full of them. He trips into a tree, alerting them to his presence, and the rest of the squad rushes into the forest as well, the dreadnought crushing a path. Elysias’ smites take out 40+, but the swarm takes out the retinue of guardsmen. Camrone and Elysias break through the swarm and get out the other side of the forest, where they see a desert plain. Aryxios abandons the guardsmen after trying to get back to them, and our dreadnought is ordered to wait for the rest of the squad in the middle of the forest.


Bjorn sees Aryxio in trouble, and mocks him incessantly as he makes his way back to save Aryxio’s nuts. The remainder of the group joins Camrone and Elysias on the other side of the forest, where we set up a small camp around some water to take stock of our situation.



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