Deathwatch Jericho Reach

6th Play Session

We landed on Armageddon, and are told by Legias to kill a nearby Ork warlord who has been raiding with air vehicles. We pick up an Emperor’s Champion and his retinue before heading off to the north.


On our way to the Ork camp we are attacked by a group of Ork bikerz at a river we stopped at for the guardsmen in the retinue to get water. Camrone defeats the leader in single combat, and Elysias smites the river, disabling all of the Ork’s bikes.


We defeat all the orks, and Elysias moves up to the forest ahead to scout with his stummer turned on. He notices rustling in the trees and spots a Gretchin in the trees, then noticing that the forest is full of them. He trips into a tree, alerting them to his presence, and the rest of the squad rushes into the forest as well, the dreadnought crushing a path. Elysias’ smites take out 40+, but the swarm takes out the retinue of guardsmen. Camrone and Elysias break through the swarm and get out the other side of the forest, where they see a desert plain. Aryxios abandons the guardsmen after trying to get back to them, and our dreadnought is ordered to wait for the rest of the squad in the middle of the forest.


Bjorn sees Aryxio in trouble, and mocks him incessantly as he makes his way back to save Aryxio’s nuts. The remainder of the group joins Camrone and Elysias on the other side of the forest, where we set up a small camp around some water to take stock of our situation.

The Warp
Fifth Play Session

The Space Hulk rumbles to life and takes us into the Warp. Davian checks the ship’s console and sees that the ship is mostly empty, and our Geller fields are holding. We decide to head to the armory to look for any extra munitions. On the way there, we hear warriors in the vents, and Elyias senses 4 ahead with 4 in the vents. Arxio shoots at the group of warriors ahead, and the ones in the vents pop down behind us. Smite takes out the rear group, but the front group gets some hits on Davian and Arxio. Davian full auto shreds one of the warriors with the last bullet bursting his head.

We reload/rearm at the armory, then head over to the escape pods that Elyias memorized the location of. As we get there, the hulk drops out of the Warp. We get into one of the working pods, and Camrone takes a seat as the pilot. We start up the shuttle and see that we are over a planet. We’re immediately contacted by an Imperial Agent on the planet, who commands us to identify ourselves, which we do.

The agent tells it’s M998, and we came from M995 (year). We’ve travelled three years into the future, and come out above Armageddon Prime. We tell him we’re members of the Inquisition, and are immediately escorted down to the planet surface. On planet we encounter Inquisitor Legia when they send for confirmation of when we are, who reacts as though she’s seen ghosts.


Space Hulk
Fourth Play Session


After reporting back to the Inquisitor’s ship, we’re assigned to investigate the Space Hulk that the Tau were investigating that ended up with them here. They are sending us to investigate the same thing, but haven’t told us specifically why. We’re bringing a Tactical Marine name Damian with.

The first thing we encounter on the Space Hulk is a group of Tyranid. A grenade from Gulliver and a cleave or two from Camerone followed by a Smite from Elyias makes quick work of them. After progressing up the ship a bit towards the command center, a group of Genestealers attacks. We defeat them, with several close dodges of the Genestealer’s claws on Gulliver. We make it to the command center without anymore surprises, and are told that we need to collect the data core of the ship. Our loaner Tactical Marine starts trying to get a hold of that data, while another group of Tyranids attack. We fend off the group, but can hear something big incoming. The big thing is a Hive Tyrant. It’s quite upset.


He is defeated, but only after a lengthy battle that ends with Gulliver in critical condition. The hulk shudders as it prepares to jump into the warp, as the playtest ends.

Chaos Ritual
3rd Play Session

We wait for backup from the Inquisition (Retributor Squad, three battle sisters squads, and a Cannoness). We then follow the Chaos markings on trees and stuff to a place where we can hear chanting. A mind scan results in backlash from the Warp, too much psy presence. Investigating the symbols more we see that they’re summoning something from the Warp.

We split up and surround the group, seeing the guy who seemed suspicious back in town in the summoning. They end up summoning a daemonic sorcerer and three Tzeentch Screamers. Techmarine (Cassius) goes down after tripping. We work on taking out the cultists, but the Warp manifestations drive most of the units insane or they explode. Elyias’ squad and the Retributor Sisters don’t break, but all the rest do. Camrone takes out the remaining cultists with a Wrathful Descent into a Sacris Claymore cleave. Elyias True Strikes the Rubric Marine (sorcerer) for three turns, burning out his psy powers. He realizes that killing the Marine will close the Warp Portal. Big thing steps out of the portal, says “While this fight is over, this is not the last time we will meet. Your fate will hang in the balance the next time, on another planet in another time.”, he and the Rubric Marine disappear back into the Warp. The remaining 11 sisters of battle go insane and turn on us. We kill them, but gain corruption from the whole experience.

We bring Cassius’ body back with us to the ship, and debrief Inquisitor Jax.

Continuing Jericho Reach
Second Play Session

After getting back to town, we’re told that the large thing in the fight was a Kroot Shaper. This is apparently Tau, and we’re across the galaxy from the Tau. We given the option to go after the Tau immediately or wait until tomorrow. We’re going tomorrow (against Arixio’s wishes), so that we can have more backup and hopefully catch the kroot off guard. Re-requisition with +10 req points.

Most of us go to talk to someone who has more information about the Tau, but Gulliver goes with Arkyios to drink (where he is challenged to a drinking game). Informant hasn’t shown up to the meeting place. Child bursts into the meeting place covered in blood, who says the household was attacked and the farmer was killed. He gives descriptions of non-Kroot attackers (smooth armor, red eyes still). We decide to go out after the attackers immediately (17 including our 6). We see 12 figures chanting at the farm, and sense something floating behind us. Elysias fails a pushed Smite and gets shocked by the warp.

We defeated a Tau horde. Interrogating their commander we found they were just defending themselves after being chased through a Warp gate by Necrons.

First Play Session

First session!

Start orbiting above Ravicine.
Picked up a Techmarine (Cassius) to add to the squad.


Go down to the planet, try to find out any info we can on Xenos actions, try to cripple their movements so the Imperial forces can advance. Secondary objective of grouping up with any stranded Imperial guard units.


In Town

Landed and report. Suspicious character we walk past in town. Mind probed him, he is uneasy about Space Marines being around. We get the vibe from him that theres something more than a xenos threat going on here. Elyias (Murph) and Arxio (Dana) go to dining hall to talk to intelligence officer, Gulliver (Blake) goes exploring, Camrone (Eric) goes to a pub.

Legius (female Inquisitor) is our guide. She tells us about her background. Camrone hears in the pub that some of the people who have seen the aliens are reporting they have machine guns (described as spitting fire from their hands) on one arm with a big red crystal in their face, bulkier than the day ones. Groups of three to four, disappear and appear quickly. Informant in the cafeteria tells us she’s seen slender figures wandering through the forest during the day. Hooks on their face, can scurry up trees, they tear apart things when they eat.

Legius takes us to a spot on the edge of town that was recently attacked. They have to burn down foliage on the edge of town to keep it back. Gulliver notices plasma burn marks in some of the areas with blast marks. Notice the plasma marks come from a medium caliber weapon (not heavy vehicles, probably troop mounted). Late night patrol was attacked (2400, 0100), troop transport went up in flames. Single survivor, in the med bay in town. He says, “It was so quiet before they came.” before passing out from Gullivers injection of pain suppressant.

Night Patrol

1800: Leaving on patrol around the city with a Chimera and group of 10 imperial guard. Nothing in the first round. Mind Scan reveals 20-30 enemies in the tree’s to the edge in the second round, after Arxios notices one in the trees. Camrone’s flashbangs them, then Elyias’ smite kills 5 off in the trees before they charge. Gullivers bone shatters from return fire on his Narcatherium arm. Elyias takes a shot through the leg. Return fire from Arkios flamer kills six of them, bolter fire kills another two. Big beary dude in the middle has his head taken off by a swing from Camrone. Another Smite kill a few, and we finish of the remainders. We subdue the living ones and head back to town.


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