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Hefty, loud and rambunctious, very talkative, but sincere and dedicated towards his comrades. Charismatic, but not as intelligent. Great melee combat sense. LOVES HIS LIQUOR. A true tribesman and one hella space marine.
Storm Wardens Assault Marine
WS 51, BS 45, S 75, T 45, AG 47, INT 44, PER 46, WP 44, FEL 44, Wounds 24
MOVES Half 4, Full 8, Charge 12, Run 24
FATE 5, Corruption 20, RENOWN Respected 20
Astartes Bolt Pistol, Pistol, 2D10+5, type X, pen 5, range 30m, clip 14, tearing
Sacris Claymore, Melee, 2D10+2, type R, pen 2, unbalanced
Astares Chainsword (x2), Melee, 1D10+3, type R, pen 4, balanced, tearing
Thunder’s Call – Required Rank: 1
Effects: Storm Wardens often choose to prove their honour and bravery by facing foes in single combat and dueling to the death. Once per combat as a Free Action, a Battle-Brother of the Storm Wardens Chapter may issue a Thunder’s Call against any single enemy which can both see and hear him (though it need not be able to understand his language). As long as the Battle-Brother takes no Actions other than melee attacks against the target or moving him into melee with the target, and none of his allies attack the target, he gains 10 to Weapon Skill Tests against it. In addition, as long as the Battle-Brother is engaged in melee combat with the target, it suffers –10 to make attacks against anyone but the Storm Warden and must pass a Challenging (0) Agility Test to move away.
This ability lasts until either the target is dead or withdraws from combat (i.e. it retreats and combat ends) or the Battle- Brother withdraws from combat.
Improvement: At Rank 3 and above the Battle-Brother’s dueling skills mean that he may re-roll both Parry and Dodge Tests against attacks from the target of his Thunder’s Call. At Rank 5 and above the target’s penalties to attack anyone other than the Storm Warden increase to –20 and the Agility Test to move away becomes Hard (–20). At Rank 7 and above he may issue the Thunder’s Call to a group of foes up to his Rank in number.
Wrathful Descent – squad mode, then roll a 1d10 against horde for each successful attack during the charge; stacks with Swift Attack and Lightning Attack (source:
Swift Attack – enables two identical attacks per combat round
Catfall – reduces fall damage by the degree of success vs. Agility
Lightning Reflexes – add twice Agility Bonus when rolling initiative; if has Unnatural Agility, add one to multiplier before factoring bonus into initiative
Pilot (Personal) – roll against Agility in hostile flying conditions
Resistance (Cold, Heat, Fear, Poisons, Psychic Powers) – +10 bonus to resist effects
Dodge – successful roll against Agility nullifies damage
Ciphers (Xenos Markings) – can read ciphers, or symbols of authority and meaning
Two Weapon Wielder (Melee) – reduces the penalty to attack with the offhand by half; if using Ambidexterity as well, then the penalty for attacking with the offhand in the same round as the main hand is -10, otherwise there is no penalty for the offhand
Sure Strike – can relocate hits on target opponent based on hit roll
Talented (Drive[Air Vehicles]) – add + 10 to drive skill for aircraft
Lightning Attack – as a full action, can attack three times, replaces swift attack


Chapter: Storm Wardens
Past Event: Honour Preserved
Chapter Demeanour: Aspire to Glory
Personal Demeanour: Gregarious
Specialty: Assault Marine
Power Armour History: Thy Strength Be Legend (+10 to Strength)
Main Events:


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