Deathwatch Jericho Reach

Chaos Ritual

3rd Play Session

We wait for backup from the Inquisition (Retributor Squad, three battle sisters squads, and a Cannoness). We then follow the Chaos markings on trees and stuff to a place where we can hear chanting. A mind scan results in backlash from the Warp, too much psy presence. Investigating the symbols more we see that they’re summoning something from the Warp.

We split up and surround the group, seeing the guy who seemed suspicious back in town in the summoning. They end up summoning a daemonic sorcerer and three Tzeentch Screamers. Techmarine (Cassius) goes down after tripping. We work on taking out the cultists, but the Warp manifestations drive most of the units insane or they explode. Elyias’ squad and the Retributor Sisters don’t break, but all the rest do. Camrone takes out the remaining cultists with a Wrathful Descent into a Sacris Claymore cleave. Elyias True Strikes the Rubric Marine (sorcerer) for three turns, burning out his psy powers. He realizes that killing the Marine will close the Warp Portal. Big thing steps out of the portal, says “While this fight is over, this is not the last time we will meet. Your fate will hang in the balance the next time, on another planet in another time.”, he and the Rubric Marine disappear back into the Warp. The remaining 11 sisters of battle go insane and turn on us. We kill them, but gain corruption from the whole experience.

We bring Cassius’ body back with us to the ship, and debrief Inquisitor Jax.



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